Artist’s approach


The essential starting point of each painting; The color, drawn from nature. A lot of time spent observing, then mixing the pigments until you get the right shade, good saturation.


In calm, in nature,
quick and uncontrolled gestures, physically sculpting the material, taking the time it takes, intensely, intuitively.


Often described as a contemporary expressionist,
she seeks to represent nature in her pure emotional charge.


Acrylic, encaustic, oil on wood.

Profile of the artist

Sylvie DRAINVILLE is a native of Ste-Thérèse [1964]. After studying art at Lionel Groulx College in Ste-Thérèse, she moved to Montreal in 1982 and completed studies in graphics arts. Her area of ​​specialization will be photomechanics (dark room) and then the creation of digital advertising images.
She will work for advertising agencies in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and New York. In parallel, she paints relentlessly and takes advantage of advertising campaign launch events to present her creations.
In 2006, she set up her studio in Orford (Eastern Townships / Quebec-Canada) and has since painted on a daily and professional basis. Her painting is publicly recognized and has won several awards with jury.